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The following links are resources that feature various Muslim ministry testimonies and articles for your reference:

JFM  would like to offer you free of charge the book “JOURNEY WITH JESUS “ Written by one of our ministry leaders and former JFM Executive Director Dr. FRED FARROCH.

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Dr. A. Awad JFM President and Executive Director The greatest web site for Christian answers to Muslim objections and questions. Sections in English and 28 other languages. Also includes a number of MBB testimonies (click on “Why They Converted”). A new site on Muslim evangelism methodology, contextualization, etc. A global ministry preparing Christians to minister to Muslims. Features a new book by the same name. A site featuring the ministry of Dr. Daniel Shayesteh. A site featuring the ministry of Kamal Saleem. Similar to Answering Islam site; contains the largest Urdu Christian website for Muslims. The same Urdu material is on including 12 testimonies of MBB scholars of the past. Contains at least 49 video testimonies of MBBs conversion stories. A website hosted by an MBB, includes many articles about former Muslims as well as links to other web sites with MBB testimonies from and An all-purpose site for the Persian-speaking world. Includes easy to use Persian song sheets, and listings of Persian speaking churches around the world. A new web site in Turkish. A site featuring many of the major unreached, unevangelized people groups in Metro NY. 11 Afghan MBB testimonies, 8 of which are in Dari. A resource site for materials such as the multi-language Jesus Film DVD. A site featuring video responses to life’s problems. Email correspondence and follow up are available. Muslim languages currently available: Farsi –; Indonesian –; as well as English – 5 stories of former Muslims who now know Jesus as their Savior, recreated in docu-drama format, in their original languages with English subtitles. Also available on DVD. Includes the written material in full from a Coptic Egyptian priest who is one of the best evangelists of Muslims . TV programs in Farsi are on the Mohabat Channel on Thursdays and Fridays. An all Urdu site:- includes: a) testimonies of 12 Indo-Pak MBB scholars of the past; b) entire Urdu NT, c) over 100 banned or out of print Urdu Christian books, many written by MBBs and d) 30+ half hour – one hour audio lectures by a Pakistani MBB scholar. Site for Arabic speakers by Voice of Preaching the Gospel in Colorado; includes Arabic audio

Bible readings and other information: A website from Acts 17 Apologetics. Short messages, music, and scripture readings in Farsi geared to a radio audience.

Who God Is The Qur’an’s Teaching about God compared with the Bible. 537 page Comparative Study of God (His person and attributes).