Who We Are

JFM Doctrinal Statement

DOCTRINAL STATEMENT [intended to reflect doctrinal issues related to our objectives]:

A.  We believe in the Scriptures, both the Old and the New Testaments, as the inspired Word of God, and as the supreme and final authority in faith and in all matters of life.

B.  We believe that God is one, that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that God is perfect in unity, omnipotence, holiness, mercy and love.

C.  We believe that we were all in Adam when he sinned against God, and we bear the results of his sin.  As the children of Adam, we are all born spiritually “dead” with a fallen, sinful nature, and with a decaying physical body, which will eventually die and return to dust.

D.  We believe that Jesus the Messiah, the son of Mary is the eternal Word of God, Who became flesh and lived among us;  that He is eternal God revealed to us in human flesh – all the fullness of God in bodily form;  that His human body was born of the virgin Mary without any human father by the power of God’s Holy Spirit; and that He is the prophesied “Seed of the Woman,” the only person ever born of a woman without a man.

E.  We believe that except for Jesus, no man is without sin and none of us can do any acts good enough in the sight of Holy God to atone for our sins.  Because of our own sin we are already condemned to eternal judgment by God unless we receive His salvation by grace through Jesus.

F.  We believe that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to save us from sin and judgment.  Jesus the Messiah is the Son of God, God’s uniquely Anointed One (Messiah), the only one chosen by God to provide salvation for all people.  Whoever will believe in Him will be saved completely, but no one can receive eternal cleansing from their sin or escape eternal punishment in hell except through faith in Messiah Jesus.

G.  We believe that Jesus was not killed by evil men against His will, but He voluntarily gave His life for us on the cross and received the full punishment for our sins in order to reconcile us to God.  We believe He had power to lay down His life and power to take it up again in His resurrection from death.

H.  We believe that God is able to do anything except violate His own character.  His own justice and holiness compel Him to require the atoning death of Jesus, the sinless Son of Man in order to forgive us sinful people for our sin.

I.  We believe that Jesus conquered death and the power of hell and sin and rose victorious from the grave on the third day in order to deliver us from eternal death.  As the Author of Life it was impossible for Him to be held by death.  He is Lord and Victor over death and will never die again.

J.  We believe that the Lord Jesus will return again to rule the whole world as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, ruling in perfect righteousness and justice on the throne of his father, David.  Only then will the world know what a pure society and righteous government is.

K.  We believe that any person, no matter how great a sinner, who truly trusts solely in Jesus is born again by the power of God’s Spirit into a new spiritual life, will receive complete and eternal salvation from God’s judgment and will spend eternity in perfect fellowship with Almighty God.  We believe this is only possible by God’s undeserved grace through Jesus Christ, and is not in any way a reward or result of good things anyone may do.

L.  We believe that God in His grace and love gives the gift of His Holy Spirit to indwell everyone who truly trusts in Jesus.  We believe that the Holy Spirit is God’s Spirit and the Spirit of Jesus, and that He comforts, convicts, guides, teaches, and empowers all believers to live a holy life for God’s glory.

M.  We believe that all true believers from all nations on earth are one spiritual body called the “church,” that those believers are “called out” of the nations and “set apart” as a special people for Jesus, who is the head of that body.  We believe only God knows all those who are truly part of that worldwide spiritual nation, and that there are pretenders in every local church.  We believe God is working through His church and all believers need the fellowship and teaching of other believers.